Domino's Pizza Listens To Social Media Feedback

Domino’s Pizza Listens To Social Media Feedback

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Domino’s Pizza is probably the most well known Pizza delivery companies in the world, watch this video on how they used reputation management to change their recipe. It is easy for a large franchise such as Domino’s Pizza to carry on making money, but with the accessibility of social media the masses suddenly have a voice.

Over the past few years it has become easier for people to rant, or discuss experiences to do with large companies. When once you would have to take time out to write a letter or phone up in the hopes that your complaint would be taken seriously, now you can make a quick rant on Twitter or Facebook which can start an epidemic of compliants. Before you know it, more and more people are avoiding your brand.

Domino’s Pizza took this on board, first a few comments were picked up on through social media, comments that were damaging to the franchises brand. This inspired the company to do a focus group, this is something we tend to do, depending on budget, to get real feedback. This highlighted that over the years the taste of the Pizza being produced had failed to impress people.

Many companies would put their head in the sand, they were still doing well so who cares. But Domino’s decided to face this head on and re evaluate the recipe based on feedback from customers. Domino’s explained that they wanted to face the problem head on and use the criticism as constructive.

This approach is pretty standard advice to any company that has recieved complaints, but the best part about this situation is their response. Domino’s produced this video, showing real employees, to tell the world, ‘Yes, we know there were problems, but we’ve changed’. By using You tube as a platform this will be seen by more customers than if it were on their website. They included empathy by showing the chefs feedback like ‘it tastes like cardboard’ and they even left the video on a cliff hanger as to what one member of the public would think about the new recipe.

Hats off to Domino’s as this video is being shared, and all the lovely pictures of pizza sauce, cheese and hand made bread has made me hungry for Pizza!

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