DIY SEO | Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimisation


By Steve on April 9, 2010

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More and more companies are seeing the benefits of an online marketing or SEO campaign, however this has meant there has been an increase in DIY SEO (Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimisation). SEO Creative are looking into the dangers of inexperienced people taking on a DIY SEO campaign.

During the credit crunch many companies switched their marketing resources to online marketing as Online marketing and SEO are more cost effective at this time. With more companies tightening their belts it is important to get a good ROI for your marketing efforts, this being said, good SEO does cost money as their is a lot of work involved. SEO is not a secret and if you look online you can find a lot of articles (including on this blog) about SEO best practices and how to market yourself online. This has meant more and more companies have been trying to save even more money by doing their SEO in house.

The benefits of an SEO campaign speak for themselves as coming up above your copetitors in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you can get a really good ROI from SEO but many companies, especially those with in house development teams, have been trying out DIY SEO.

Many website designers and developers feel they can optimise a site for search engines by reading a few SEO blogs,
however the best practices are only a small part of an SEO campaign.

Google and other Search Engines change their algorithms regularly and many blogs and literature may be out of date, it is still a popular belief among inexperienced SEO’s that adding keywords and meta- descriptions will be enough. A common mistake is to have the same meta-description and content on every page, also spamming the keywords with more than 20 single keywords on each page, other people will use keyword stuffing to make the content appear more releavnt and spam the ALT descriptions of images. Other companies will pay for links which may be of a poor quality from adult sites like porn or gambling sites. It is this naivety that can cause a site to become penalised.

It can be tempting to try to search engine optimise your site by yourself especially if you have an in house development team. If you have an inhouse team then working with a good SEO consultant can help you improve your site and optimise the whole site while your in-house team make all the changes, this can be more cost effective than having your SEO company make the canges as well. You can be confident that your developers will follow clear instructions to update your site, this means you won’t have to worry about potential loss of business from dropping rank or being penalised and removed from a search engine index.

Even if you have to pay for an SEO company to make all of your changes, this is still the most cost effective way of marketing your business.