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Digital Marketing Wins For Valentines Day

By Sadie on February 5, 2016

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Love is in the air, and whilst not all digital marketing managers are enamoured by Valentines day it is a key day in the digital marketing calendar.

We always advise our clients to be working on a Valentines Day strategy a good 1 to 3 months in advance but many clients and businesses do not take this advice, so here are a few quick marketing wins you can employ this Valentines Day.

What can you offer

Like all relationships, sometimes the synergy just isn’t there, not all business can jump on the Valentines wagon and expect to do well but if you have something to offer these loved up couples, or even singletons then you need to market that.

What product or services are of value on this day and if you can’t think of anything then Valentines day is not a day for you to worry about.

Understand what your audience needs

So you have something you think is great, don’t just push this on everyone using the Valentines Day link, understand what your audience needs. Are they in a new relationship and not sure what to buy? Perhaps they have been married 50 years and want to surprise their other half? Maybe they are single and want to hide from all things Valentines, or perhaps they want to shout out about how they love being single and treat themselves.

Get to know your different audiences, don’t just hear them, listen to what they want, read between the lines (or tweets). Never before have we been given access to so much of our demographics life as we do now with social media and big data so use it to really get to know your customers this will make a much better relationship.

Provide solutions to their problems

If you ask me what I do, I may say SEO, I may say online marketing, maybe director and sometimes I say lacky; but really my job is problem solver – but that isn’t a cool buzz word.

This is really at the core of digital marketing, finding the right problem and finding a solution. So if your problem is no one can find me on search engines there are a number of related problems and solutions to help.

For a Valentines marketing campaign you need to look to your audience and find their problem, what do they need that you can be the solution for.

Do they need a present, can you provide them with one, do they need a weekend break, can you provide them with one.

Sometimes providing a solution to a problem may not always get you immediate results but it will gain you brand exposure and trust, sometimes that is also a way to go.

Quick Marketing Tips for Valentines Day

Time is running out, you’ve missed the boat on 2 weeks filming in the Maldives to get a great YouTube campaign but there are some really quick, inexpensive and effective tips you can do.

  • Follow the hashtags – whilst people are talking about Valentines you will find people asking for help, don’t just blanket send a link to a product but take time to see if you really do have a solution for the individual. If you do, direct them to the link and maybe even give them a cheeky discount code.
  • Paid Social Media advertising -even on a small budget you can get pretty good results with a good concept, great creative and the right targeting.
  • Outreach – really you should have been planning an outreach campaign months ago but if you already have a good relationship with bloggers and influencers there are collaborations and partnerships that can be done to reach their audience with your message.
  • Competitions/Giveaways – this can be done relatively quickly and jumping on the buzz around Valentines you can get some additional exposure for products that are seen as a luxury or treat.
  • Imagery – creative imagery can make your message stand out, make sure you incorporate good creative’s into your campaigns
  • Valentines Landing pages – this is particularly important for any paid for advertising. You need to segment your audience and create landing pages that will appeal, a very basic idea would be a Valentines day landing page, another could be a few, 1 for men, 1 for women, 1 for single people. This can be drilled down depending on your products and relevant audience to be very specific and by targeting your content on your landing page to a more specific audience you will get much better conversion rates.