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Digital Education #thefeed

By Sadie on October 11, 2011

Digital Education Manchester

SEO Creative is an expanding company and with this we are often on the look out for new employees, especially young graduates. However what agencies want from a candidate isn’t alsways what Universities are teaching, but last night was Manchester’s chance to discuss how to improve digital education with spokespeople from digital and SEO agencies and the Manchester Universities.

“The feed” is the brainchild of Push On, a Manchester SEO and web development company who are very active in sharing knowledge and helping to set up events, including SASCon.

Last night members of Manchesters Digital community gathered at Revolution on Oxford road to have a few drinks and discuss the problems students and graduates are facing. They looked at how agencies and Unversities can work together to produce better canditates that will cope with the transition from student to employee much easier.

The tickets were only £6 and holding this event at a popular bar meant thoughts were shared openly and discussions got lively. Unfortunatley we couldn’t make the event but we followed the event on Twitter watching the hash tag #thefeed and replies to the official event Twitter @thisisthefeed we saw some interesting commentary and some heated debates.

As an employer we find it frustrating when good candidates obviously haven’t been prepared by University life for the digital industry. Although from a University point of view the course and syllabus can mean a 3 or 4 year course is developed and not subject to change, whereas changes in Digital can happen overnight, so many students come to us with out of date knowledge.

To some extent it is up to the student to go above and beyond, and we were lucky to find some candidates who were obviously researching changes in web development and online marketing in their own time. However with Tuition fees on the increase students should expect their degree to be relevant and have some support from the course as to prepare them in the best way for getting a job.

The fact that Manchester is holding events like this proves that the agencies and universities are looking to improve the area and encourage good candidates to go to University in Manchester then stay in Manchester to get the best jobs and work in the best companies that have supported the universities throughout. It is this attitude in the digital community that will set Manchester apart from other cities and compete with London as being a forward thinking digital city that has the best creatives, developers and search consultants in the UK now and in the future.

The Feed Digital debate

If you want more information about the feed and how you can get involved in the next digital debate in Manchester then go over to Push On’s website The feed and look out for the next event, maybe we will see you there!

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