The Mince Pie Throwdown - Video Production Meets Mince Pies!

Digital Agency Mince Pie Eating Challenge

By Falkon Digital on December 17, 2018

Do You Have What It Takes To Meet The Mince Pie Eating Challenge?

At Falkon Digital we love a good challenge, especially at Christmas! Over the years we have created many challenges, and even gone to the extent of creating games with high score tables; do you remember the legendary Snowball Fight game from 2013?

This year we opted for a simple challenge, which we lovingly refer to as the Mince Pie Throwdown 2018! Yep, we’ve thrown down the gauntlet to our friends and fellow digital agencies to see if anyone is prepared to take on the challenge! The video above covers the rules, what you need and shows the attempt of our champion/contender/representative, but we’ve included the information below too.

Take Part and Challenge Steve’s Time

In order to challenge Steve as the ultimate champion of mince pie consumption, you’ll need to do the same as him but faster – the time to beat is 4 minutes, 28 seconds.

To submit your challenge, you’ll need the following;


  • 6 x Deep Filled Mince Pies
  • A timer
  • A contender to represent your agency, or just yourself if you’re an individual
  • Send us your the video of your attempt*

*Filming this on a phone will be just fine, don’t worry about the quality of the video production!

Optional (but recommended)

  • A Santa Hat
  • A Christmas Jumper (Star Wars theme preferred).
  • Tagging Falkon using the hashtag #mincepiethrowdown2018

There’s no prize other than bragging rights and the sweet, sweet taste of victory!

Can YOU Beat Steve’s Time?

Did you expect a faster time, or do you think you could do better? Then you know what you need to do. Take on the challenge and see if you can beat Steve’s time for those sweet bragging rights!

Do you love our video? Would you like us to create a video for your business quickly and cost effectively? Then contact us to find out more about how to get a powerful brand video production created just for you. Mince pies optional!