Design Apprenticeship: Week 4

Design Apprenticeship: Week 4

By Carl on June 14, 2012

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After a long weekend thanks to the Queen, during which summer forgot to turn up, I came back to the office and was happy to have something to do and sunk my teeth into new work. Rather than working for the majority of the time on websites I briefly worked on some print (comfort zone!) and designed a presentation which I had lots of fun with (despite some issues with reducing the the file size).

I realised that presentations are often overlooked design-wise, as they are in fact completely different to anything either on the web or in print. You engage a user via the web, you engage a reader via print, but who are you even engaging with a traditional presentation? An audience? A user? Who?

I discovered that rather than looking to please people through the presentation, you need to complement the speaker. The slides are just a tool to display data and break the talk down into chapters. I also realised the obvious: the speaker should know what they’re talking about. Having to refer to slides would probably make them seem unprofessional. The better the speaker, the less need there is for a presentation (Frank Chimero is proof of this), however they can serve a purpose and be incredibly effective.

It was good to realise that in order to be good, slides should barely exist. People will be there to hear you talk, not to read from a wall.