Deep linking definition - An Inbound Link Building Strategy

Deep linking definition – An Inbound Link Building Strategy

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Deep linking definition - An Inbound Link Building Strategy

What is Deep Linking and Why Should I Use It?

Most inbound links to a website link to the homepage or root domain, for example A deep link is directed at an internal page of that domain, for example, It is a good idea to include deep linking in your inbound link building strategies for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes. The idea behind this is to improve your rankings within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) by offering multiple pages to a user for their search term. Additionally, you may want a page with a specific service to appear higher than the homepage in the SERPS.

For example, if you were a web agency you might decide that you would want the services page containing details about your web services (or your web design portfolio) to appear higher than your homepage for the search term ‘web design’. That way the user will be taken straight to the page that will interest them most in your site based on the keyword relevancy, without them going first to your homepage and then looking for the relevant page. Using deep linking, combined with correct anchor text and a good internal linking structure can help you to achieve these results.

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