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Dealing with an office milk thief!

By Luke on January 8, 2014

For those that don’t know, our office building in Altrincham is quite large and as such there are about 20 other companies on the three floors. Each floor has a shared fridge, and we’ve noticed on more than one occasion that our milk disappears pretty quickly. This is most annoying for me, as I buy the milk in for my staff and I feel like I’m always buying it. To make matters worse I’m lactose intolerant and drink black coffee! However rather than getting too upset about it, we thought we would have a little bit of fun and conduct a social experiment. First, we bought four 1 pint bottles of milk, labelled them from 1 to 4 and added the following message:

If you can’t see the image for any reason, the message reads:

“Dear Milk Thief,
Only one of these bottles contains milk.
Choose wisely

Here is a photo of the milk bottles with the message in the fridge:

Now before people get too concerned that we’re going to be poisoning people in the building with bottles of white lead based paint or some sort of laxative, all of the bottles do in fact have regular milk in them just slightly topped up with different amounts of water.

So what do we do next? First I will be interested to see if anyone actually drinks any of the milk. I’m half hoping that I will walk into the kitchen and find someone sniffing them. My more twisted side is thinking that in a weeks time we can put some numbered pictures in the fridge showing where each fluid supposedly “originated from”, Van Wilder style. This reference may be lost on some of you, however if you Google “Van Wilder cakes” you’ll see what I mean.

If you have any ideas on what we should do next then please comment below. Ultimately I would like to leave the famous quote “You Chose Poorly” in the fridge in reference to the scene from Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, where the Nazi drinks from the wrong chalice. Just for fun, here it is: