Da Vinci The Genius Ad Campaign

Da Vinci The Genius Ad Campaign

By Sadie on

Michelle Keegan as Mona Lisa

Never one to shy away from a mind blowing ad campaign MOSI (Museum Of Science and Industry) have been having some fun with Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous leading lady.

Da Vinci The Genius is MOSI’s new exhibition on the works of Creative genius Leonardo Da Vinci which has been running from the 14th of November.

Firstly MOSI worked with SKV Communications and celebrity photographer Paul Jones to create a image of Coronation Streets Michelle Keegan posing as the Mona Lisa. This is a genius copy cat that has been affectionally called, Chav Vinci. The choice of Michelle Keegan was inspired as she has recently won awards as sexiest soap star and best actress, and she is no doubt one of the most popular actresses from the Manchester based soap at the moment.

The latest campaign is sure to go Viral as Wilmslow based company Driven have blown the head off the Mona Lisa! This Video promotes the exhibition, which is on now, by capturing the audiences attention, but not giving too much away!

Its really good to see Manchester creative agencies getting to show off their stuff and they couldn’t ask for a better challenge with MOSI!

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