Creative SEO - Better Ideas lead to Better ROI

Creative SEO – Better Ideas lead to Better ROI

By Sadie on December 10, 2009


SEO is an ever-changing industry and at Falkon Digital we believe that you shouldn’t just rely on old-fashioned SEO techniques but get Creative SEO instead!


Traditional SEO vs. Creative SEO

A lot of traditional SEO techniques rely on some homepage optimisation and lots and lots of links. With homepage optimisation you are looking at the minimum requirements, some content around your chosen keywords, some H tags, METAs an XML sitemap etc, this is great for making it more obvious to Search Engines what your site is about but is a very small amount of what you would hope from an SEO campaign.

Link building is a necessary evil, links are like votes, or recommendations to the search engines that you have a good site, a lot of SEO companies out source these links and pay for them, which means the quality of links are poor and you don’t always get the best results.

These traditional SEO methods work very well for some companies but for others are not enough to get an ROI. Every company is different, and every website is different, SEO Companies would make a fortune if they could box an easy off the shelf solution to get your site to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Every SEO campaign we take on will get an initial site analysis so we can work out what you need to do well in your industry. We also take into consideration, your budget, if you do not have the budget to compete within 12 months for the keywords you have chosen we will look at other options, rather than do the SEO knowing it won’t work for over a year.


Creative SEO is Effective SEO

We like to be creative with our SEO and don’t limit our time to just content and link building, we often start a retainer in which the money can even be put towards developing a flash game for a link bait or viral. Whatever creative SEO ideas we can think of we will discuss with you and work out your options.