Creative SEO

Creative SEO

By Sadie on May 1, 2012

At SEO Creative our name speaks for itself that we believe in creative SEO but what is the difference between creative SEO and other SEO methods.

What is Creative SEO

Creative SEO is a very broad term and due to the nature of creativity could mean absolutely anything.

Old fashioned SEO used to be buying links using the keyword you want the site to rank for as the anchor text. This would be combined with some on page work that would make the site appear more relevant; in many cases this would be enough for the website to do well. The biggest factor was making sure you had more links than your competitors.

Paid links are against Google guidelines and for many years this worked but Google started to pick up the footprints left behind by link farms and other paid links. Since Panda, and more recently Penguin, and SEO that only uses these old fashioned SEO techniques found their websites were subject to an over optimisation penalty.

Creative SEO

Creative SEO is breaking from the normal strategies and it works in a number of ways.

Instead of just beating your competitors with links we looked at other areas of Google search algorithms to find ways in which you can improve your site, this had an additional bonus that in many areas we would actually be improving the website from a usability point of view which helped improve conversions.

Although Google is coming down hard on links, link building is still needed but we like to create great content that means your website gains links naturally, as Google intended. Again, this kind of creative SEO is a bonus in improving your search engine traffic and also getting valuable traffic using these links.

We would love to tell you that paid links don’t work completely but the cleverer the SEO the better they can hide these ‘identifiers’ of paid links. Therefore link building in many industries is still a necessity however depending on the industry and your website we can look at unique ways in building links that build your brand and reputation to your customers as well as to Google.

Creative SEO is the future

Google will continue to change its algorithms to try to stop people manipulating the search engines. Recently the results in Google have not been the most relevant so we can expect more updates to come, if they cannot improve the search engines for the better then we may see more users turning to other search engines such as Bing.

Creative SEO looks at all the search engines and no matter what Google throws at us we can be sure that your site will be easy to find in the search engines and have excellent content that converts.

We are always looking at the changes Google rolls out, in other countries as well as the UK to see what tests are being done, we anticipate a few more changes and try to be pro active and creative in our SEO techniques.