Creating Effective YouTube Video Ads

Creating Effective YouTube Video Ads

By Lee on May 2, 2017

We watch more than 10 billion hours of video on YouTube every month. So, we are going to look at how effective YouTube video ads can play a major role in the online marketing for your business.

youtube video ads

YouTube video advertising

On YouTube, businesses are able to reach their users with relevant video content in the form of the video marketing options listed below.

  • display ads (ads appearing throughout the website and search)
  • overlay in-video ads (ads located at the bottom of the video)
  • in-stream ads (ads that play before, during or after another video is played)
  • and in-display ads (ads appearing in the right-hand column next to your video)

The goal of these ads for a business is to:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate sales and conversions

To achieve these goals, it’s important to avoid common pitfalls when running a YouTube video ads campaign. Your videos should have a strong ROI to support the growth of your business, reach the right users and be cost effective in order to work properly for your organisation.

Here are some effective tips to look at to ensure your YouTube videos ads are delivering the best results for your business.

Match the ad format with your goals

The various YouTube video ad formats suit different types of campaigns, which can help your organisation better achieve a variety of goals. Choose the ad format that best matches your goal.

Display and In-Display Ads:

If you’re trying to promote existing video content on your YouTube channel, drive traffic to your website or generate awareness of a product line or service offering, display ads is most likely the best option for you.

Overlay In-Video Ads

Include a brief call-to-action to drive viewers to click on the ad and visit your website. Since these ads are brief, their main purpose is to generate traffic to your website.

Skippable and Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

Avoid repurposing existing video content; create a video specifically for use on YouTube to generate awareness about your products, services or latest promotion. Tell your viewers what action you’d like them to take after watching your video. You can suggest watching another video on YouTube or subscribing for more content.

Understanding search intent

YouTube is much higher in the sales funnel compared with many other marketing tools or channels, which is why it’s essential that your business targets your potential customers correctly.

They aren’t likely to convert into customers from seeing your video ad for the first time, but if their intent is matched to the content of your ad, they are more likely to watch it and engage an action in the long-term after seeing more messaging in the future on YouTube and across other channels.

This is particularly true when targeting video ads in YouTube search, as well. In that case, it’s important to match the keywords you’re bidding on based upon the location of users in the sales funnel. It’s likely they are a bit higher in the funnel, just entering the research and discovery phase when viewing your video messaging.

When it comes to your keyword targeting on videos, start broad but focus on short keyword phrases related to the focus of the individual video ads you’re promoting. YouTube ads are based on CPV (cost-per-view), which tend to be cheaper than an average CPC (cost-per-click) of AdWords, giving you a little more flexibility in your keyword targeting.

Choosing the correct thumbnail

The selection of the thumbnail for your video ads is crucial when it comes to generating high click-through rates on your ad.

To help encourage a YouTube user to click on your ad, choose thumbnails that are relevant to the subject of the video. This ensures there are no surprises when the user clicks on the ad. If your video thumbnail doesn’t grab the attention of users, it’s likely people won’t watch your video at all so keep your thumbnail as relevant as it relates to your video ad.

YouTube usually suggest 3 thumbnails for you, however, creating your own image in photoshop with some added text may help to improve click through rates even further. This is important because your thumbnail should give the impression that your video is from a quality source.

The first five seconds are crucial

As usual with any type of video marketing, you have about five seconds to impress someone to the point that they choose to watch the rest of your video before they skip your ad. It’s important to catch your potential audience by catching their attention with your video ad through an offer, exclusive information or surprising messaging.

youtube video ads

In the first few seconds, focus on clearly defining what value users will take away from watching your video. For example, Iceland food store announces it’s bargain offers by quickly calling out the price within the first few seconds of the ad in hopes of catching a viewer’s attention.

Include a clear call-to-action

As a form of content marketing, the point of your YouTube videos is to drive your audience to interact with your business in some capacity, whether that’s to comment on the video or buy your products. At the end of your video, focus attention on a call-to-action, either written or verbal, that tells your audience what specific action you’d like them to take. Include links to your website when it makes sense for your call-to-action.

Add contact information like a phone number, website URL, social media pages or other potential contact info where appropriate. Remember to include the name of your business, as well as a logo as a part of the call-to-action for an additional reminder of who you are.

In some video ads, perhaps even a promotion of some kind will help improve the likelihood that your call-to-action will drive results.

Need help with YouTube video ads?

If your business is struggling to get successful results from your YouTube video ads campaign then get in touch with us as we have an online marketing team that will study your business goals creating a personalised strategy with measurable results that we will work on to improve.