Creating a Strong Brand

Creating a Strong Brand

By Falkon Digital on September 12, 2010

A brand can be one of the key elements for your business, creating a strong brand can help your business get recognition and gain trust. When thinking about some of the larger companies you instantly visualise their brand identity, The ‘f’ of facebook, the VISA sign and the golden arches that represent Mc Donalds. So how do you go about creating your own brand and making it work?

Designing your brand

When designing your brand make sure you choose a good brand designer or graphic designer who will understand your business. Your brand should be simple and recognisable and be associated with your business, morals and identity. You can choose colours that will represent you, think about the meanings and assosciations behing colours and see if they are applicable. Many people choose colours that they consider lucky, especially chinese businesses who may incorporate lucky colours and numbers into their brand to help ensure the success of their business. This is a personal preference and a brand that has a meaning doesn’t always mean the brand will be successful.

Quite often people look too far into the meaning and overcomplicate the design, this means that the design does not work as well across as many mediums, for example a complicated brand logo will not look as good as a simple one in a small Twitter avatar, and blown up to buildboard size many of the detail will be too much.

At SEO Creative we try to combine a good brand message with a simple brand that can be effective across online and offline media. By getting the components that work with the business right then reighning it back into a clever brand you get the best of both worlds.

One of our favourite brands is the FedEx logo, this simple design is ingenious as it has an arrow in the negative space between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’. The arrow represents movement and direction which is perfect for a delivery company.

FedEx Brand Logo

Making your Brand work

Once you have a brand and logo it is important to create brand guidelines, these guidelines will be a standard set of rules to be applied wherever your brand is featured, so it will be consistant and recognisable.

Things to consider are logo size, any greyscale variations, fonts to be used along side the logo and brand and any colours you want to be used with the brand. These brand guidelines will be consistant in any brochures, websites, signtures, leaflets, billboards etc. The repetition of your brand and clear styles surrounding it mean people will begin to recognise the brand and become familiar with the brand. This familiarity leads to trust which will help conversions to sales and your brand reputation.

For more details about creating a succesful brand speak to our designers today!