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Compete with Competitions

By Sadie on September 20, 2015

Small businesses often struggle to compete with big brand budgets but getting creative means you can gain a lot more exposure and links for SEO on a smaller budget.

Competitions can be a great way to get brand exposure, if done right they can really take off and have a lot of benefits to your marketing strategy.

Why run a Competition?

Running a competition has a number of benefits, an SEO may tell you it is for links, a marketing manager may tell you it’s data collection, social media manager will tell you it is for brand exposure. At the end of the day it is all of the above, and because competitions have a lot of benefits to different people it is a good idea to get everyone involved in the concept.

Choosing the competition

Competitions can be anything from a game, a quiz, a comment or a raffle. The more engaging the content the more likely you are to get entries and links.

An interactive game can be a lot of development time but it can also be very engaging and have a fantastic response. For a much smaller budget, which limits risk, you can do a very simple raffle competition or even just a share competition however it is important to use the correct apps on social that will capture the email data and be easy to manage.

Choosing the Prize

Choosing the prize is often the most important part of the campaign. If you have a product then it is easy, you offer one of your products as a prize, apart from professional compers most people entering will want the prize and are a good target audience to view your brand and collect data for. A quick email with a discount code for the product to all entrants after the winner is announced can also help secure them as a customer.

If you don’t offer a product then the prize can be hard to choose. Try to make it specific to your prime demographic. For example last year we ran a competition for a parenting site which featured Elf on the Shelf, this is a popular product for children of the right age that the site was interested in and got thousands of entries. The product didn’t cost much but was sought after for this demographic.

We find a mid range price of prize can be more successful than higher value prizes, people seem more incline to enter a competition for something that is either difficult to get hold of or a luxury but not over £1000 they seem to assume a high value item is either a scam or they wouldn’t have a chance of winning.

We also find the value of the prize needs to be worth the time spent entering and also many people are more savvy about giving away data so the prize needs to be worth an email or your brand needs to be trustworthy enough to give this information away.

Brand awareness

A huge plus of competitions is a chance to get your brand in front of a wider audience, your competition should be in keeping with brand guidelines and your brand ethos, especially if you have any elements of user content population (for example asking a question).

Make sure your brand is strong and any social sharing includes either a hashtag or a mention of your company/business.


Even before you have started developing and designing your competition you should be thinking about promotion. For example if it is to be run using hashtags on Twitter you need to compose a brief message that fits and create visuals in the correct size to be shared easily and be most engaging to the audience on that platform.

It is always good to promote via a different number of platforms, multi platform marketing can be very effective especially if you consider the tone of voice and how the creative will be displayed differently on each platform. People use different platforms in different ways so you need to consider this in creating, writing and designing content.

Use you immediate fan base to start with encouragement to share, but also outreach can be an excellent way to promote a competition. Getting an influencers buy in earlier rather than later can help you make sure you are hitting the right tone as well as giving them an invested interest. You should have the relationship for launch rather than contacting them after the initial push as an after thought. Key influencers can be pivotal to a campaign and should be treated as such, giving them the exclusive or getting their input can benefit you and your brand a great deal. Some influencers may even host the competition for you as a collaboration.

If you want to gain more exposure through competitions contact our digital marketing team today.