Compare the Market with Google

Compare the Market with Google

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Google are constantly adding products and services to their portfolio and it seems every day something new appears in our favourite search engine. Yesterday I noticed that Google are bringing up what seems to be a comparison engine in the search results. This could be bad news for all those comparison engines out there as why use anyone other than Google?

Comparison sites, such as compare the market are very popular and provide a good service for people trying to get the best deal. At the moment Google is letting you compare credit cards, based on lots of different attributes such as APR, Air Miles, netwroks etc… Google has the potential to bring this out into a lot of different services and products, with their data centres already full to the brim of lots of information on websites out there it was only a matter of time they launched another commercial use for this.

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So far I haven’t heard any news on Google releasing this to car insurance and othe products but with Google base, the Google shopping feed they could quite easily compare product prices in a more user friendly format than it is in at the moment.

I am really interested to see how this rolls out, as Google has the capabilities of blowing money supermarket and compare the market out of the water in the search engines. Sites like these spend a lot of money on online marketing, SEO, PPC etc and Google can just knock them down putting themselves to the top – that is if Google forgets their moto of don’t be evil.
It is of course early days but very interesting to see Google roll out a comparison product, but it does make sense. However with the information Google has we could be comparing services based on SEO and review, such as SEO Manchester where you can compare the SEO companies in Manchester using a comparison engine? I wonder if Google will start doing annoying TV adverts like Go Compare and Compare the Meerkat?

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