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Christmas eCards

By Joanne on November 11, 2010

Xmas tree pixel ecard

We’ve all gone a bit silly in the SEO Creative Office as we have been building lots of Christmas eCards for our clients as well as a whitelabel service for agencies who haven’t got the time or the Flash developers to build quick good quality eCards for their clients. Many people think it is too soon to be thinking about Christmas but we have been building bespoke Christmas eCards for clients since September to get the design right and the flash files ready to be checked and amended to be sent out for Christmas.

Although not all of our clients are thinking as far ahead and last year we saw a lot of last minute Christmas eCards come through using our express service! This service has a higher hourly rate but we can get work completed overnight or over a weekend depending on the size of the job. Many Agencies find our express service useful as although we charge a higher hourly rate they can still mark this up as it is still competitive. We find that as December comes in many people remember that an eCard is a great way of keeping in touch with clients and wishing them well over the Christmas holidays.

Now as we are part way through December the Christmas eCard orders are coming in to be ready to be sent at the beginning of December and if you are thinking of sending an eCard this Christmas then now is the time to get in touch.

Xmas eCards

Christmas eCards are fairly simple to create and can have a great effect when delivered to your inbox, we can offer suggestions on simple eCards that can be built quickly and won’t break the bank. Most typical eCards use a little bit of Flash to make the design really stand out and if you want you can even add sound.

Bespoke Christmas eCards

If you want something a little more fancy this Christmas we can work with you to create a bespoke Christmas eCard, either using your ideas or brainstorming with you to find a good concept that can be built into a Flash animation or game. These can take a bit more time to build but depending on your idea can be an inexpensive way to impress your clients this Christmas.

Whatever you want from your Christmas eCard our designers can create anything from a detailed picturesque Christmas scene to a retro pixel Christmas eCard. Contact SEO Creative for more information or be added to our email list to recieve our own Christmas eCard!