Choosing an SEO - Not all SEO's are Equal

Choosing an SEO – Not all SEO’s are Equal

By Sadie on November 7, 2011

Choosing an SEO - Not all SEO's are Equal

There seems to be a lot of SEO companies around at the moment so it can be hard to decide which company to use for your SEO Campaign. Don’t be confused have a look at our top tips for choosing an SEO company and check the list when finding the best SEO company for you.


Tips for choosing an SEO Company

Google the SEO Company

This should be the first point of call, are there any bad reviews for the SEO company? Many SEO companies were set up purely to get on the band wagon and don’t actually have the skills to get your website to the top of Google or any other search engines. There are a few SEO companies and sales people who have tarnished the industry promising false claims and taking money without doing the work. However with social media and review sites being accessible these practices are often widely documented all over the web and a simple search for the company name will bring up any scams or unethical techniques.

Guaranteed SEO Results

Never ever trust anyone who offers Guaranteed SEO results!

Search Engines are constantly improving and changing their algorithms so in some cases SEO’s need to be flexible to adapt to these changes. As we don’t know what Google and other Search Engines are going to throw at us next to guarantee results is unethical and often not possible. Many good SEO consultants will promise nothing and are quite negative about what they can do but then over perform as by being aware of algorithm changes and the challenges they face they are then in a much better position to overcome these.

Other attributes to consider are your competitors. You cannot accurately guarantee first page positions as the benchmark from starting the campaign takes into account your competitors at this time, if your competitors are also increasing their SEO or online marketing efforts therefore the amount of work needed to get you to the top positions will increase also.

SEO links back to SEO company site

Does your SEO want to link back to your website? If so, then ask why. I have heard some funny answers as to why a SEO puts a link back to their own site from the clients website, one was that because the SEO’s site was strong linking to that site would help the clients website. This is not true! A link to a SEO company will help the SEO company do well. Some clients have great relationships with their SEO companies and will do this as a recommendation of the work. However this shouldn’t be a prerequisite of the campaign and don’t believe it will help your SEO campaign.

SEO Case Studies

Ask your SEO company for any examples of case studies or testimonials, as online marketing and SEO has become one of the most cost effective and successful ways of getting business therefore many companies have set up to try to win business without any experience. Some web design companies are also offering SEO as a package without the knowledge – not all but some- and this may mean you spend a lot of money while they practice what works and what doesn’t on your website.

If a SEO company has examples of happy clients and successful campaigns then then you can be more confident that they will do a good job with your site.

SEO Techniques

Ask the SEO company about the SEO techniques they will be using on your site, they should be able to talk about a number of different methods and what effect they will have on your site. Although they may not tell you everything in detail before the campaign starts they should give you a very good idea backed up with facts and research. Any SEO company that doesn’t talk about links and on page changes may have a sales person that doesn’t know what they are doing. In the worst case scenario they are not being clear with what they will do because they will be using black hat techniques that could potentially get your site de indexed.

Cheapest SEO

The cheapest SEO isn’t alsways the best option, ask them why they are cheaper than their competitors and in turn ask why they may be more expensive. It may be that they don’t realise how difficult your industry is to compete in meaning the quote is too low, or it may be that they outsource to other companies pushing the price up. If the cost can be backed up in the proposal with the amount of work and is justified then going with the cheapest isn’t always the best option.

Package SEO

Some companies offer SEO packages, such as Platinum, Gold, Silver etc… never sign up for a package deal on SEO unless they have chosen a package that is suited to your industry or your style of website – such as the Ecommerce travel gold package. The best way to do SEO for a site is a combination of on page SEO and link building and every site and industry is different therefore each quote and proposal should be different. Not packaged into an off the shelf product.

Do you like your SEO?

At the end of the day you should trust your instinct and if the SEO ticks all of the above boxes trust your gut. The SEO/ Client relationship is a partnership that should be nurtured, you have to like and trust the person and company working on your site and both sides need to be open to compromise and new ideas to keep the campaign running well.