Cheryl Cole- I'm Loving It

Cheryl Cole- I’m Lovin It

By Sadie on November 30, 2009


Companies pay millions to get the right advertising space but I hope L’Oreal got some money back after seeing where their latest advert starring Cheryl Cole ended up!

Cheryl Cole is one of our nations favourite celebrities at the moment and is the face of L’Oreal’s latest Marketing campaign, with the tagline “Because I’m worth it”. Cheryl recently confessed to wearing hair extensions in her latest TV and Billboard Advert, this was controversial as the advert implied the average housewife could get locks as lovely as Cheryl’s by using their Shampoo, when really they needed to spend £100’s on hair extensions.

This didn’t hurt Cheryl’s reputation too much and L’Oreal has remained successful, but recently in Cheryl’s home City of Newcastle a badly placed L’Oreal advert may have done more harm than the extensions! Cheryls advert was on a huge billboard right next to a McDonalds advert promoting their thick milkshakes, made with real ice cream you have to be careful not to get ‘brain freeze’ inspiring the tag line, “Painfully Thick”. I hope this was not strategically done as at a first glance you assosciate Cheryl Cole with being ‘Painfully Thick’. It just goes to show, you can pay a lot for advertising space but location and the neighbours can have a big impact.

SEO Creative still love Cheryl, and McDonalds Milkshakes, but this was too funny not to share and we are definately Lovin It!