Cheap SEO - Too Good to be True Often Is

Cheap SEO – Too Good to be True Often Is

By Sadie on December 22, 2009

100% money back guarantee

The SEO industry is a saturated market, with SEO companies large and small, good and bad, all pitching for your business so how do you choose the right SEO company for you?

A lot of companies have tightened their belts over 2009 and been careful about marketing budgets, this means they are often tempted to go for the cheapest solution. This may not be the best option for your company, SEO is not a package deal where people get one solution but different companies just charge more or less for it. SEO is a long-term campaign and you need to make sure the company you are working with are giving you the best ROI.

Cheap SEO – Expensive if it gets you nowhere!

You also find that many companies, having read a few SEO blogs, feel they can take on the job themselves. This is a waste of resources, SEO knowledge comes from an understanding of websites, Google algorithms, accessibility to start and then has the experience of working on sites, finding problems and working around them. You cannot learn SEO without actually doing it for years as every site is different and little things can have a big effect.

So why not go for the cheapest SEO Company? I would always advise getting a number of quotes but there is a difference between cheap and cost-effective. The cheapest SEO packages I have seen start from about £70 a month and I have never seen those cheap SEO companies show testimonials or case studies of what they do. Some of the more expensive packages can go up to £50,000 a month, but they are usually very large campaigns that include brand management and other areas to help a site do well in a very competitive industry. Most SEO companies are somewhere nearer the lower end of that spectrum. So how do you decide to go with the company that is reassuringly expensive or one that is too good to be true?

Tips to help you choose the right SEO company for you:


How have they worked out the cost of the campaign? Have they looked at your site and your competitors to reach a conclusion of the amount of work needed? What will you get for your money? Is it a one-off payment to do homepage optimisation, or are you getting a full campaign for your whole site including an on-page and off-page strategy?

Additional Costs

Is there a monthly fee, if so what is that for? Are there additional costs for paid directories? Is it low to start with then over the period of the campaign you get hit hard be extras and Account Managers trying to hit targets? Make sure you have an overview of any ongoing monitoring and site management,

Check The Terms & Conditions

You may find terms that make you suspicious of the level of service, often Terms and Conditions are adjusted after a legal incident with a client.

One Term you should expect to see from a good SEO is that they cannot offer guarantees, this is because no one has full access to Google’s algorithms, but good SEO’s will have enough knowledge and experience to do a good job.

Money Back Guarantees

If a company offers you a money back guarantee do not go with them. Even Google webmaster guidelines recommends not to use any company that offers Guarantees. To get their money companies like this will optimise your site for a very uncompetitive word, this will get into the top ten of a search engine (possibly Yahoo, most likely Ask), be something very few people search for and therefore give you absolutely no return on investment as it does not bring you any traffic.


Do you get any regular reporting? What are they reporting on? How will they judge the KPI’s of the campaign?

Another way to cut costs is to get an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Report, this can be a good way to optimise your site, but the report needs to be carried out by a developer which could be an additional expense. Find out who is writing the report, is it auto-generated as these programs will not give enough detail to find issues with your site. Some Cheap SEO companies use templates that are filled in by an SEO Executive, this is to save money at their end and help the Executive’s progress. However things can be missed, talk to the author of the report and find out his/her experience.

Account Management

Once you have paid your money you may find that things go quiet, instead of a pushy sales person, you are chasing them for information on work. Account managers often are brought in to objection handle and have little technical ability, they may also have a heavy workload of over 100 accounts to look after. This means your account is not getting enough attention to do well.

At Falkon Digital we are transparent about our services, and how we keep our costs low. We can give you everything you need and more for a successful campaign and we monitor this with our ROI Reports.

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