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Falkon blog post featured image for post - Rethink your Christmas marketing, with video!

Rethink your Christmas marketing, with video!

Boost your business and your brand with Video Marketing for Christmas 2018 and reap the ROI rewards with integrated video marketing campaigns.

Video MArketing and production

Why Your Brand Marketing Strategy Needs Video Content

Brand Video Content Advertising has been around for as long as there have been products to sell and video advertising has been around almost as long as moving pictures themselves. From those...

Facebook's New Mobile First Video Tools

Facebook’s New Mobile First Video Tools

Facebook has released a set of video tools aimed at making mobile first video ads easy and accessible for even small advertisers. Brands must now step up.

video marketing and production strategy

Why your brand needs a combined video marketing &...

Video marketing is more than just creating video content. If your video production isn't advised by your marketing strategy, your ROI is likely to suffer.

Short form videos for Video Marketing

Short Form Videos for Video Marketing

Short form videos are often the best way to deliver quick, succinct marketing messages to casual browsers with their notoriously short attention spans.

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#FalkonFriday – Brighton SEO Video Marketing & Video SEO...

Our very own Sadie and Luke, Falkon's Marketing Director and Managing Director respectively, were delighted to be invited to conduct a trainng session on the subject of Video SEO and Video Marketing...

YouTube Studio - Improved Metrics & New User Insights

YouTube Analytics Studio – Improved Metrics & New User...

The new tool, 'YouTube Studio' is now ready for release and will start to become the default dashboard for videographers to manage their videos

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#AskFalkon – Your Video Guide to Digital and Marketing

We're always looking for ways we can add value for our clients and for ways we can give a little back to the digital community. Got a question? #AskFalkon

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Video marketing: Give us a minute, we’ll give you...

It's an oft-spoken idiom that Google loves original content and nowhere is this more apparent than in video content.