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How to migrate a Wordpress website from one domain to another

WordPress 3.4 Update

I take a look at some of the changes to WordPress version 3.4. Theme customisation, twitter, WP_Query and much more awaits us!

Native Apps vs Web Apps - Which is best for you?

Native Apps vs Web Apps – Which is best...

So what is the difference between a web app and a native app on a mobile device, and which one is best suited to your requirements?

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Google and Samsung debut Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung have introduced the new Galaxy Nexus which previews Googles platform 'Ice Cream Sandwich' which is a step up from Honeycomb in terms of mobile browsing

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Xbox Kinect Hacked

The Xbox motion capture device that looks set to rival the Wii, Microsoft Kinect, has been hacked less than a week after it went on sale.

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Google street view to include business listings

Google street view looks set to include business listings and annotations, so what does this mean for business owners?

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Google Docs Calendar becoming glitchy

We use Google docs a lot whether it's for tracking projects using the Google spreadsheets or organising resources using the calendar, but recently the system is becoming glitchy.

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WordPress exploit – update your blog!

It has been revealed that a WordPress exploit has been discovered by hackers, which affects all versions of WordPress pre-version 2.8.4. If you're using an older version you should update immediately!

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APB character customisation studio

The makers of crackdown (a popular release on the PS3 and Xbox 360) are developing a new game very similar to popular titles such as the Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row...