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Falkon Friday - Moving Office

#FalkonFriday – Our Office Relocation – Moving Onwards &...

With so little time to plan before moving day was upon us and lots to do, check out our latest Falkon Friday video to see how we made a success of our...

Falkon blog post featured image for post - #FalkonFriday – Snow, Office Hunting and a Podcast on YouTube Success

#FalkonFriday – Snow, Office Hunting and a Podcast on...

This week on #FalkonFriday - Our team defies the weather to make it to work, we search for a new office and Luke shares the secrets of YouTube Success.

#FalkonFriday – Fashion, Photoshoot and Filming

#FalkonFriday – Fashion, Photoshoot and Filming

The Falkon team travels to leafy Northwich to run a ski fashion photoshoot on location for one of our designer label clients.

#FalkonFriday - Deadpool, Doaly and Doing Good Deeds

#FalkonFriday – Deadpool, Doaly and Doing Good Deeds

This week at Falkon Towers, there's been a Marvellous mix, with an MCU delivery and the chance to support good deeds. Click to find out more!

SearchLeeds, Schema Markup, Video

#FalkonFriday – SearchLeeds – Northern SEO conference

SearchLeeds – Northern Digital Marketing and SEO conference This week, we sent out intrepid Marketing Exec’ Chris over to SearchLeeds, the North’s answer to BrightonSEO, both being a gathering of thousands of Search Marketers keen...

The Floss, Falkon Friday, Social Media

#FalkonFriday – Video Marketing and Flossing

Having suggested to one of our lovely clients that they should film themselves doing 'The Floss' for their video marketing, we thought we'd better try it out for ourselves.

GDPR, Photography Gear, Falkon

#FalkonFriday – Guests, GDPR and Gear for Photography

This week's Falkon Friday is released on the day the whole world is collectively panicking about the new General Data Protection Regulations becoming law.

#Falkon Friday - Voiceover audio, crabbies, tackle

#FalkonFriday – Voiceover Talk, Tech’ and a Tackle

In today's episode of Falkon Friday, the Falkon team record some voice over for a client, and Steve finally does something he's wanted to do for a long time...

Live action isn't the only type of video content we create

#FalkonFriday – Punctuality, Pinstripes and a Trip O’er t’Pennines

Video content is veritable dynamite when it comes to engaging your audience. This week on #FalkonFriday we return from our Bank holiday & two take a roadtrip