Binge tweeting definition

Binge tweeting definition – What is Binge Tweeting?

By Steve on February 9, 2010

Binge tweeting definition - What is Binge Tweeting?

Is Binge Tweeting Bad?

Binge tweeting! This is when somebody doesn’t add a tweet to their Twitter account for a while, and then adds i.e. 10 all in one go (just like binge drinking). Not only can this be a little annoying for anyone following you, but it can also be damaging to your social media campaign. I’m following a few people on Twitter that exclusively “binge tweet” and I now rarely read all their tweets, I just tend to skim over them. By having a large block of tweets it waters down the effectiveness of each one, and I’ve noticed that if the first one I read doesn’t interest me then I skip the rest entirely.

Instead, try to spread your tweets out over the day, and if you have a tweet that you think is particularly interesting then tweet it in the morning and again at night so there is a chance that users in different time zones are just as likely to see it. I have stopped following a few users because of binge tweeting and spammy use of the # tags, even though a lot of their tweets were quite good. Binge tweeting is usually the sign that the twitter account is being managed by an inexperienced social media management company, as opposed to an individual or representative of the company.