Bing tries to beat Google with TV Advertsing

Bing tries to beat Google with TV Advertsing

By Joanne on March 17, 2010

It must be tough trying to launch a new search engine when Google already dominates the market share but newbie Bing has put up a good fight so far. In the first few months of its release last April, we saw Bing overtake a lot of the smaller engines to be the 3rd sometimes 2nd most popular search engine. However, Bing was still a long way away from Google.

Bing tried a few unusual tactics, with Twitter, Facebook campaigns and even Google adwords to get people to use the search engine. As a microsoft product Bing became the default search engine for the X box, hotmail and many other microsoft products. But last year the popularity of the search engine seemed to dwindle as many people changed their default settings and reverted back to Google.

Both Google and Bing have controversially used offline marketing techniques with billboards and paper adverts as well as TV adverts but it seems Bing is increasing the UK marketing efforts this month.

Bing has released a Televisions advert that is playing almost on loop on many UK channels such channel 4, ITV and E4. Not only is this exposure overkill for an advert but it is very annoying.

The advert (above) is very annoying and quite typical of a Bing search where a woman asks a questions and a man spouts random facts only slightly related by one word. From my experience of Bing I have found it to be a spammy search engine where many searches bring up awful answers so really this advert is quite fitting.

I’m not sure this was the original intention of the advert as they are probably commenting on other search engines rather than their own – unless they have a sense of humour and making fun of their own short comings. The advert will have definately raised awareness of the search engine but whether it has inspired people to use it we will have to wait and see.

Bing haven’t just used continous advertising in all the peak time spots, but is sponsoring the Simpsons on Channel 4 – this meant in 30 minutes I managed to see 6 clips/adverts of Bing.

So what do you think? Do you love or hate the Bing adverts? Or do you think they should give up and leave Google to it?