Bing Teaches Link Building

Bing Teaches Link Building

By Sadie on November 24, 2009


Bing has recently posted a blog telling webmasters how they should be ethically building links this is unusual for a search engine to publish insight into the way they work but is it anything we didn’t know before?

Bings guide to Link Building ( the basics)

  • You contact webmasters of other, related websites and let them know your site exists. If the value that you have worked so hard to instill in your site is evident to them, they will assist their own customers by linking back to your site. That, my friend, is the essence of link building.
  • Relevance is important to end users… We see the content they possess and the content you possess. If there is a clear disconnect, the value of that inbound link is significantly diminished, if not completely disregarded.
  • If relevance is important, the most highly regarded, relevant sites are best of all. Sites that possess great content, that have a history in their space, that have earned tons of relevant, inbound links – basically, the sites who are authorities in their field – are considered authoritative sites.
  • When probable manipulation is detected, a spam rank factor is applied to a site, depending upon the type and severity of the infraction. If the spam rating is high, a site can be penalized with a lowered rank. If the violations are egregious, a site can be temporarily or even permanently purged from the index.

There is a lot more, and if you are a webmaster I would take a look as it is a good read but I don’t see anything ethical SEO’s didn’t already know. At the end of the day, content is king and people will link to good content naturally but you can help it a long a bit.

I am really pleased that Bing has produced this and would love to see a similar article from Google but the way I interpret it is that anyone can put a low quality or spam link to your site and you will be penalised. Google has threatened similar rules on link building but I have only ever seen spammy links loose their Page Rank meaning they are worthless anyway. To penalise a site over links that are questionable if they had any control over would be wrong.

Bing also notes that sites that seem to spam blog comments for links will be penalised. I also think this is wrong as I appreciate user contributions through comments and see nothing wrong with rewarding readers with a link if it is genuine and they have obviously read the article. Most blogs have a moderation process where you can authorise comments and even edit if necessary, you can also set auto follow after the same user has commented 4 times the 5th comment will generate a followed link. This rewards regular readers.

Bing also says;

  • Develop your site as a business brand and be consistent about that branding in your content
  • Identify relevant industry experts, product reviewers, bloggers, and media people and let them know about your site and its content
  • Write and publish concise, informative press releases online as developments warrant
  • Publish expert articles to online article directories
  • Participate in relevant blogs and forums and refer back to your site’s content when applicable (Note that some blogs and forums add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to links created in user-generated content (UGC). While creating links to your content in these locations won’t automatically create backlinks for search engines, readers who click through and like what they find may create outbound links to your site, and those are good.)
  • Use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to connect to industry influencers to establish contacts, some of whom may connect back to you (be sure you have your profiles set up with links back to your website first)
  • Create an online newsletter on your site with e-mail subscription notifications
  • Launch a blog or interactive user forum on your site
  • Join and participate in relevant industry associations and especially in their online forums
  • Ultimately, strive to become a trusted expert voice for your industry and let people know that your website contains your published wit and wisdom

This is some good advice that most SEO’s will advise more to get your site well known than for obvious link building but by increasing your sites popularity the chances of natural links will also increase. Interativity and good content will always be good for a site and that in turn will get you links.

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