Bing overtakes Yahoo

Bing overtakes Yahoo

By Joanne on August 17, 2010

Google Bing and Yahoo stats

According to stats from Chikita it looks like Bing has overtaken Yahoo in the fight for the Search Engine market share, however they are still a long way from Google. Should Google be worried?

Internet marketing consultants and SEO’s in Manchester, London and the UK are always keeping an eye out for changes in searchers behaviour, such as the use of social media and search engines that are dominating the market share. SEO Creative mostly focus our campaigns on Google but have to be aware that certain demographics may be inclined to use other search engines, especially when they are set as defaults on computers or social media platforms. I originally saw this post on Search Engine Land where they discuss in more detail the stats from Chikita.

Bing launched last year and with a lot of marketing has done very well considering the tough market place, and for the first time since Microsoft launched Bing is now number 2 in the top search engines according to Chikita. Will this affect SEO? Or will we still consider Google to be the main player?

table of search engine stats

From the stats Google still has a massive lead and although Bing has overtaken Yahoo there is still a long way to go before they become serious competition to Google. Although are Google concerned? There have been a few early releases of products recently that have lacked in thorough testing, they have even trialed the background image typical of the Bing Search Engine, is this because they are concerned by Bing and want to keep the edge over Microsofts champion?

I don’t think Google has anything to worry about any time soon although the Bing adverts, Facebook and Microsoft products such as the Xbox and hotmail using Bing as its default search engine will have contributed significantly to this increase in searches. A lot of feedback from Bing users seems to be that the results are still not as good as Google, and many people report spammy sites having high listings in the Bing SERPs.

If you are interested in the full findings from Chikita visit their blog later today as they will be publishing the report on the changes in the search engine trends.