Be careful what you share

Be careful what you share…

By Sadie on June 5, 2012

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As more and more reports come to light that employers are asking for access to employers social media log ins it is time to ask the question… are we sharing too much?

Your Social media accounts are building what we call an online footprint, all of which could very well follow you around and stop you from getting work or affect your relationships.

I do not agree with employers asking for log ins to sites like facebook and as an employer I think this is a breach of prvacy, all employees are entitled to a private life. I can however understand why other companies are concerned, if am employee is off sick and then posting about how they are hungover or pulling a sicky to go to the beach then this causes HR issues. However, you do need to have some trust in an employee and if they they regularly do this you won’t need their facebook log ins to work out that they are unreliable.

From a Brand point of view, many companies will be monitoring their reputation online, as they are doing press releases and brand exposure work the last thing they need is a disgruntled employee shouting about how they hate working for their company on their Facebook page. This still does not warrant a log in as if the employee is sharing this publicly it will be easy to find and the matter can be dealt with but if it is behind privacy settings then it still does not pose a problem to the company.

Companies should be strict that an employee cannot share certain information on their social networks, obviously client information, details of any work and should not do anything to publicly damage the company’s image. Any issues about the company should always be dealt with internally and not on social media.

With the media highlighting the way some employers act, this has caused many employers to feel suspicious. There is no reason to be suspicious of the company you work for and if you do then this should be addressed internally.

If your company asks you to join their facebook group or linkedIn group, don’t worry this will not give them access to anything.

If you are concerned your company are spying on you then change your privacy settings, you can be friends with your boss and colleagues and still categorise them so they don’t see all of your photos or updates.

For example I don’t want to bore the rest of our company with my personal images and updates so I have a group setting on my Facebook to only post to the SEO Creative team;

seo creative status


When writing your update go to bottom right of the status box and you can choose public, just you, and other automated lists. If you have set up lists you can then choose who you want to see particular lists. You can also create custom lists and that can exclude particular lists from viewing your status.

You can see below how you can choose particular lists and by clickin on the button that tells you that you are firends with a person you can bring down a drop down of lists and giving you the opportunity to add more lists and put someone in multiple lists.

Facebook Lists

This is also where you can control which updates you wish to see in your news feed from a particular person.

Facebook has been critisiced a lot for their privacy policies but they do have plenty of ways in which you control who can see what, the biggest issue is it is on you to do this as the automatic settings are to have everything public. If you are really worried you can go to your settings and privacy settings so you don’t come up in searches.

Sharing things on social media can be great but many users seem to forget that they may be sharing too much which may come back to haunt them. If you are putting too much online it can affect your job, your relationships and your career prospects.  So be careful what you share!


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