AVG causes spotify woes following update

AVG causes spotify woes following update

By Luke on

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Spotify is a great way of listening to music for FREE, an inspired idea and an application I have been enjoying using for a number of months now. However, this morning when I tried to open Spotify, my AVG anti-virus software opened up saying that it is a Runtime packed themida that has been identified as a threat! Hmm, interesting. I tried adding this file as an exception which lets Spotfiy load, but it is clearly still being blocked as it thinks it is offline as it cannot find a connection.

Using the power of Google I found a lot of people are having the same problem following an update to AVG’s virus engine. The general consensus on the net and on the AVG support forums is that this warning is what is called a ‘false positive’, meaning that Spotify has been incorrectly identified as a virus due to the way that it functions on the users machine. This isn’t that surprising given the amount of advertising that Spotify uses in order to be able to allow users to stream the music for free.

Apparently AVG have been notified and are preparing an update that will solve this issue. You can wait for this update to be released if you want to make sure that this is infact a ‘false positive’, or if you want to solve the issue now (Spotify hasn’t changed since it’s original install so it most likely is a false positive) then Marc Lodge of the AVG forums has provided a very simple solution:

1. start AVG user interface (right click on AVG in system tray)
2. select components -> resident shield
3. select click manage exceptions
4. select Excluded files, click Add
5. browse over to c:Program FilesSpotifyspotify.exe and select the file then click open
6. spotify.exe appears in the list with a selected tickbox – click apply

Once you have finished this, run Spotify again and….. woo hoo! Free music again! I hope this helps.

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Comments (8)
  1. Doomlord

    Not the first time that AVG has done this. That’s what you get for using free anti-virus software. Try using McAfee or Norton instead

  2. SEO Creative

    Not so, I believe that this has also been a problem for McAfee on different occassions. AVG is excellent software, and there is a premium version available as well as the free version. I think it’s more down to the nature of Spotify and the advertisements… possibly… ?

  3. James Denyer

    Problem solved. Thanks for posting!

    @Doomlord, I got rid of McAfee for AVG because McAfee became so intrusive and bloated. A bit like Acrobat Reader has become.

  4. Ishan

    I agree with the comments about McAfee too. I used to use it but constant interruptions, high memory usage and the need to constantly restart your computer after each update forced us to find an alternative product. With AVG I normally forget I have it installed