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Everything you need to know about Insta Pods

With Instagrams latest algorithm update last year we look at everything you need to know about how Insta Pods and how you...

LinkedIn Marketing Adds Matched Audience Targeting

Businesses are now able to target LinkedIn users based on their web browsing and email addresses. So how will businesses now benefit...

Impact your business with these top twitter marketing tips

To create and manage an effective Twitter page for your business, keep the following Twitter marketing tips in mind.

Creating Effective YouTube Video Ads

We take a look at how effective YouTube video ads can play a major role in the online marketing for your business.

In-stream video ads now part of Twitter advertising

Twitter has now added In-Stream Video Ads as part of their Twitter advertising so why have they added this and who will...

Best practices of SEO content marketing in 2017

At Falkon Digital we are constantly keeping our eye out for changes with SEO, so here’s a best-practice guide to incorporating today’s...

E-commerce companies can improve revenue with these online marketing tips

We have put together some online marketing tips regarding SEO and content marketing to help your e-commerce website achieve its full potential.

Why has paid advertising become so crucial in 2017

In 2017 we’re looking closely at how and where we invest in paid advertising as it's become a crucial component of any...

How the latest Facebook update affects video analysis

If you’re a business it’s time to understand how the latest facebook update will affect your business page and how you track...

Why mobile optimisation is so important in 2017

We run you through our thoughts on how businesses can now cope using just mobile and how important mobile optimisation has become.

Creating an effective Twitter Ads campaign

Here are some top tips to remember when putting setting up twitter ads as part of your online marketing strategy.

The top trends driving online marketing in 2017

We are going to run you through our thoughts on the latest online marketing trends and why you should be incorporating them...