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#Ask Falkon Episode 2 – The importance of video production quality

By Falkon Digital on February 2, 2018


Quality of message vs quality of production

When producing video content, one of the questions that’s always coming up, is how important the production quality of the video is, as compared to the actual message being delivered.

There’s no single answer to the question, other than ‘It depends’.

If you have something to say, then the quality of your message should the be the driving factor in your video and the equipment you use, editing techniques and other production processes are ‘nice to haves’ rather than essentials. Most of the time.

The takeaway is that if you have something to say, if it adds value and people want to hear it, then in most circumstances, whether you film it in a studio with a 4K camera, or in your living room on a smartphone, the underlying message is the important factor, not the delivery.

Consider huge budget box office flops which emphasised technically brilliant, slick special effects above story and character development, compared to low budget affairs which still managed to become huge hits through compelling stories, relatable characters and smart use of the limited resources to hand. Almost no-one expected Star Wars to succeed at the time it was made.


Immediacy sometimes makes quality irrelevant

The most immediate video content is live video containing right here right now footage. Such content is delivered directly from the camera to the eye of the viewer with little to no time lag in between and therefore no editing at all.

While some people might pre-script, set up a backdrop/set, or otherwise prepare for a live broadcast, others might just grab their phone and start recording. The key factor is that once the camera is rolling, the footage is delivered ‘warts and all’, as is, here and now. Potential viewers are given the option to engage immediately and to interact if they catch the broadcast in time, a decision that’s as immediate and pressing as the broadcast itself.

With social media platforms valuing authenticity and genuine engagement, live video, by its very nature, is exactly the sort of content such platforms encourage.


At other times, production quality must take precedence

As mentioned earlier, there are times when the production value of your video content is absolutely important and nothing less than the best will do.

If you’re producing advertising content for large corporations, for television or for anywhere else where less than perfect production will impact on perceived credibility, (if your company specialises in the production of high-quality video for instance) then the production quality of your video should be foremost amongst your considerations.


How do I get started?

There’s never been a better time to get into the creation of video content. Whether you need the immediacy of a quick and basic video message or the impressive scale of an expertly edited showpiece, get in touch to find out how we can make your business shine through the power of video marketing.