Are you local? Pros and cons of using a local website designer

Are you local?

By Joanne on September 2, 2010

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With communication becoming easier through email and the internet you don’t always need face to face meetings between company and client but are the days of using a local web design company dead?

Once upon a time communities where precious and you got website design and build from your mates, dads, brothers, pal who knew a bit about websites, although this could be fatal at times if the end person doesn’t know what they are doing, but there is a lot to be said for word of mouth recommendations. As web design companies sprouted up all over the place it was testimonials that got you work, many of which were local and from word of mouth. Now we rely more on Google to find a good website designer cutting out the personal recommendation although often getting you a good supplier.

Today we have many forms of communication, you can email images and even have webinars where you can present ideas, by cutting down on face to face meetings web design can become a quicker process with lower overheads. This is a win win situation for any company, the designers can do what they are good at and the company get a great website with less hassle.

This is a great opportunity for Web designers Manchester to work with clients all over the UK and often internationally, this is a business model that works very well for SEO Creative as by cutting down on face to face meetings and travel we can keep our overheads lower and production high. Our web design works from a brief given by the client and we use methods such as email, test servers and video conferencing and skype to work out the projects and we can complete the web site designs within budget and timelines easily.

Face to face meetings are sometimes necessary especially when a client is unsure about what they want, this is important to brainstorm with the client and often face to face is the easiest way to do this and avoid confusion or misunderstanding.  That being said, as the need for face to face meetings diminish is there any benefit in sticking with a local company?


For many businesses you can use any website designer, however if your business is a local business and you are targeting local people then sometimes it is good to use a web designer that understands the audience. If you are a business owner in Cheshire and you want your website to target people in Cheshire then you wouldn’t use a London designer you would look for a web design agency Cheshire.

Haviong local knowledge can often give you the edge if you are looking to target people in your area and with the economy as it is there is nothing wrong with giving back to your local suppliers. SEO creative work with many companies all over the UK as well as internationally both for SEO and Web design but we love working with local companies in Manchester and Cheshire. By working with local companies we can add value to their business as we know their target audience better and if necessary can pop in for a chat about the website design giving the clients the customer service they deserve.