Analysing Your Viral Campaign For Success

Analysing Your Viral Campaign For Success

By Sadie on

Creating a Viral Campaign is a fun part of any Internet Marketing Campaign, but it takes a lot of work to make it a success. Here is how Analytics can help your Viral Campaign be successful.

Normally I am a big fan of Google Analytics, but the only place Google Analytics falls short is real time results, you often have to wait 18 to 24 hours for the results to catch up. These first hours are crucial to a Viral campaign, and by monitoring your analytics in real time you can take advantage of traffic sources and promote the viral much better than just leaving it to do well naturally.

All of SEO Creative‘s sites have Google Analytics tracking as it is free, and comprehensive enough to monitor and tweak the site’s online marketing campaign. As mentioned Google Analytics is not real time so for a Viral Campaign I always add another tracking service. My favourites are Clicky (Virante), Chartbeat and Visistat, which are all free to use.

By closely monitoring real time tracking you can see links as they come in, as someone links to you and follows the link, it is a good idea to promote this link through forums and blogs. Someone else may have already discussed the Viral through a forum so go and join the discussion. You can also vote using Digg, Stumbleupon etc and then promote the sharing sites as well. This is much less spammy than just posting the Viral and is an addition to a natural buzz.

Social Media is a great way to promote Viral Campaigns, so use forums, nlogs, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter as much as you can in the launch of a Viral. By raising awareness a good Viral will take off on its own, but you do need to give it an initial push. Watch the traffic to identify areas you need to encourage or support, if you have a lot of visits from Twitter, maybe you need to re tweet it to keep the momentum going. If you had a lot of visits from a forum at the beginning that has slowed down, you may need to comment to keep the thread fresh. By using real time analytics and careful monitoring you can keep the momentum going.

Another crucial element is tracking any negative comments, if the campaign receives negative attention at the beginning it may still take off as a viral but with the wrong message, it may also just simmer out with negative comments and not have the desired effect, especially with the initial investment! By reacting properly to negativity you can turn it around and push the Viral even more.

For more information on Virals contact us and discuss options for your business.

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