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AMP up your ECommerce Sales & SEO

By Sadie on August 26, 2016


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is ideal for eCommerce websites getting more mobile sales online, speeding up pages helps eCommerce SEO and usability for increased conversions.

What is AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source project which envisions a faster website for mobile users. Developers from Google and Twitter have been working on this initiative for some time and earlier this year Google started to include AMP in the mobile search pages.

Websites generate HTML code which is the code that Google views and the internet interprets to show us websites, AMP is a stripped down version of HTML (or Diet HTML as coined by Will Critchlow of Distilled) This means that the code is stripped down to the basics making it easier and faster for the internet to interpret and load and for Google to crawl.

What does AMP mean for eCommerce

ECommerce SEO

From an SEO perspective the less time it takes for Google to crawl the code the better, any barriers such as web pages timing out can be detrimental to your SEO and the better your SEO is in comparison to your competitors the more search engine traffic you will get as you will appear higher in the search engine pages for relevant search terms.

ECommerce conversions

With more and more internet users accessing websites on smart phones and mobile devices it makes sense to want to optimise your website for mobile users.

Usability on websites are also about removing barriers to complete a sale, showing the user journey from how they reach the website to how they complete a sale is very important, however today we are used to fast websites and instant gratification therefore a slow site can be very frustrating to users and can often be of-putting when completing a purchase.

AMP for eCommerce websites

All website owners should make sure their websites are responsive or have mobile versions or apps. If you don’t have this then you need to get it as soon as possible as mobile traffic is starting to surpass desktop in all industries and niches.

AMP takes mobile optimisation to the next level, faster page loads and easier access to pages. Google has recently blogged about how AMP can improve the user journey on eCommerce websites including adding accordian tags for more detailed descriptions, showcasing products better using and .

Mobile conversions on an eCommerce website are very important, you need to make sure you are doing everything possible to get traffic and sales. If you want to talk about other SEO and conversion rate optimisation Falkon Digital can help with please call us for a chat.