Adobe blocks HTML 5

Adobe blocks HTML 5

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In a controversial turn it seems that software developers Adobe have taken action to block the new HTML5 specification that is currently in development. This is the first time this objection has arisen as previously it was claimed that Adobe would support the new open standard of HTML 5 (Hypertext Markup Language) for web.

HTML5 is currently being developed as an upgrade to the current HTML, the core markup language of the World Wide Web, this mark up of HTML has been in development since June 2004 and hopes to incorporate Web forms and reduce the need for certain internet applications and plug ins such as Adobe Flash, Silverlight and Java etc.

The first public draft of HTML 5 was produced 2 years ago in 2008 although it is still very much a work in progress and will need cross browser testing before it is released. There are many editors working on the specification including editors from Google and Apple and the development will support a more interactive platform for the web to include more animation, flash, video etc. To support Flash it is important to get the backing of Flash editors at Adobe.

This week, however, it was reported on Ian Hixie’s website (Ian Hixie is a Google employee and member ot the HTML5 team) who states;

“the latest publication of HTML5 is now blocked by Adobe, via an objection that has still not been made public (despite yesterday’s promise to make it so).”

Until of HTML5 which is so weighted around the type of interaction that is supported by Flash, last year Adobe’s CEO even stated that they were extremely supportive of new improved HTML5 and excited about how this improved standard encourage innovation.

Adobe Evangelist Dave McCallister also explained: "for Adobe, ‘open’ is all aspects of communications and technologies. For us, those are open source, standards, and community.

“We make sure that we talk to our communities, that we play with the standards groups.

“We are actually one of the most open companies that are active.”

Earlier this month, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch also said that “Adobe supports HTML and its evolution.”

There are rumours that Adobe shunning  HTML5 is due to the recent falling out between Google and Adobe and since HTML5 is part owned by Google are getting the brunt of this. Apple, another contributor to the HTML5 developer, does not support Flash in any of its newest products including the iPhone, iPod and new iPad.

It will be interesting to see what Adobe release in regards to this and how HTML5 will develop further. It would be a shame for Adobe and Flash not to support HTML5 as Adobe is at the heart of many web developments and applications and Flash can offer some really exciting things in terms of interaction.

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