99 Problems But the Pitch Aint One

99 Problems But the Pitch Aint One

By Sadie on June 6, 2012

99 problems pitch

Your website should be the first port of call for new business but don’t let yourself down with your pitch.

However you get first contact with a prospective new clients, whether it from SEO, PPC or social media it is important not to let down your brand in your pitch.

You spend a lot of time building up your brand through a careful design process and this is integrated into all of your marketing activity. You need to make sure your social media conveys the right message that is suitable for your brand and company. If you are a fun company you can get away with jokes, if you are very professional a certain decorum is needed.

A common mistake we see small businesses make is forgetting everything they have worked so hard to build with their brand when they do any pitch or presentation.

Have you followed your brand through to any hand outs, proposals and presentations?Are you using the same tone of voice you use on your marketing? A client will come to a pitch or presentation having a certain expectation of your business do not let them down.

Top Tips for being Pitch Perfect

  • Research your client
  • Research the industry
  • Prepare you pitch and make sure you cover what they are asking for
  • Include any branding in documents, handouts, proposals and presentations
  • Link in your social media – follow us on Twitter/Facebook etc
  • Be enthusiastic about the job
  • Refer to case studies on your website
  • Look presentable – you are representing the company
  • Be polite and respectful – you are representing the company
  • Listen to the clients questions and feedback in full – don’t interrupt them
  • Don’t blag- if you don’t know the answer tell them you will find out
  • Practise your pitch and presentation and anticipate any questions they may have

At the end of the day not every pitch will be perfect but learn from your mistakes and make sure you integrate all of your marketing to support your presentation.