7 Tips for Optimising Videos for SEO

7 Tips for Optimising Videos for SEO

By Falkon Digital on April 8, 2010

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Video’s can be great for SEO

Since Google bought You Tube the potential for getting Videos featured in the Search Engines has increased so how do you optimise your videos to try to get more exposure to your website?

Google cannot directly index Videos, similar to how they struggle with images, but Google is starting to feature Videos in it’s universal search and quite often the Videos on a subject will come up above the organic results. Due to this placement it is a good idea where suitable to feature and optimise videos on your website.

Videos can also make your website more ‘sticky’ meaning website users find them more interesting and will stay on your website for longer, if you have an unusual or funny video there is the chance of them becoming link bait or going viral.

But how do you generate the most traffic from your videos? Below I have given a few tips:

  1. Add content to the video page – As Google cannot read the video you should try to ad some content, ideally a description of the video including relevant keywords which Google can use to place the Video in it’s SERP’s.
  2. Don’t generalise – Since Google started showing Videos in it’s results more and more people are using Video to drive traffic to their website. Don’t create a Video on a generic theme, such as SEO, the competition in the web results as well as the Video, news and image results means it is less likely to be shown and could be a waste of resources. Try to keep in mind more specific long tail keywords in mind when you are creating your video content.
  3. Build Links – No SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) would be complete without a strong link building campaign, you should try to build a good and relevant link portfolio to the Video page to recommend the Video to the search engines and pass on strength.
  4. Use a SEO friendlyURL for the video page – The URL is the first relvant content the search engine spiders will read so if possible try to include a SEO friendly keyword rich URL that is fitting to the Video. This will increase the relevance of the video and increase it’s chances of appearing in the SERP’s.
  5. Use Tubemogul.com – Tubemogul.com is a free service that will syndicate the video to all the top video sharing sites. If you submit your video to this website you can save a lot of time and effort and get a lot of views to the site.
  6. Use Social Media – Social Media and social networking sites are ideal for sharing content, especially video content. If you use facebook or Twitter to promote your  Video this will reinforce it’s listings in the search engines.
  7. Submit a Video Sitemap – Google recently announced that they support video sitemaps so create a sitemap specifically for your video and submit this to Google webmaster tools.