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7 major companies that have “gone flat”

By Rob on January 23, 2014

When we say “gone flat” we are of course referring to the unmistakeable trend of flat design. Recently we have seen many companies get rid of their outdated bevels and gradients on their logos and websites etc. in favour of flat design.

You ask almost anyone who has read about design in the news, and they’ll describe flat designs as, well, flat. In the design world, flat indicates a design style that avoids 3D effects, animation, and all that other “jazz”. Most flat designs also include lots of illustration, bold use of colours, and fairly minimal layouts.

Here are 7 influential corporations that have opted for flat design:


Pepsi have started by getting rid of the highlights/gradients and strokes on their logo. Getting rid of the bold font and opting for a smaller sans-serif font. Although the logo was initially slated for looking like a large man bent over if you add a head and legs to the graphic that doesn’t seem to have fazed them. We think it looks nothing like it!

Pepsi logo old and new

Google Chrome

Google have got rid of all the gradients, drop shadows and 3D effects, and gone for a completely flat design apart from a subtle gradient. They have moved away from a ‘techy’ metallic look, and have opted for a more corporate feel with their re-brand.

Chrome logo old and new

Adobe Creative Suite

They have gone from a 3D version of their icons using bevels and drop shadows etc. to a completely flat version also using another trend we see emerging which is the metro style.

Adobe icon series old and new


They have completely redesigned their logo. Using the same elements but making it completely flat, reorganising the layout and changing the font to a thinner sans-serif for a more minimalistic look.

YouTube logo old and new

American Airlines

Although AA already had a ‘flat design’ they have redesigned for a more modern and simplistic look. They have ditched the colour scheme and gone for the grey sans-serif font and a lighter blue and red on the graphic. And about time too as they haven’t changed their logo since 1968! We thought it was worth a mention.

American Airlines logo old and new


eBay have got rid of their outdated overlapping logo with various ranges of opacity and switched to a flat and more corporate looking design. They have also changed their font to aid the new style.

eBay logo old & new


Yahoo have rebranded however gone against the grain of current trends going from a flat design that has been around for many years too changing the font style and then adding a bevel! Although we also think this version is very nice!

Yahoo logo old and new


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