5 Reasons to send Xmas E cards

5 Reasons to send Xmas E cards

By Joanne on

People like to send Xmas e cards and now is the time to be thinking about them and your message but there is no point just sending them without having a reason.

Here are the top 5 reasons why people send e Cards out at Xmas time…

  1. To promote a new service – many people use this time of year to launch a new service or hint at a new year offer, a Xmas e card is a fun way to launch a new product or service that isn’t too much of a hard sell but stays in peoples mind.
  2. To remind customers of your service – Keeping in touch with clients is a good way of reminding them of your company, the old saying “out of sight- out of mind” applies with businesses too and even if a customer was happy with your service or products they may have forgotten so a gentle nudge to let them know you are still in business is a great way of re kindling that past relationship.
  3. To show off your knowledge in online marketing- Keeping your finger on the pulse is a good attribute in business and looks good to customers, online marketing has become very popular over the past few years and showing you are knowledgeable and using the latest methods of online marketing shows your company is foward thinking, this looks good to past, present and potential customers.
  4. Brand exposure – similar to reminding people of your company, spreading the brand can help build up trust and recognition of your company, by having a bespoke Xmas e card you can include a good message, your brand or whatever you want.
  5. Spreading that Christmas cheer – Many companies like to spread that christmas cheer and pass this on to their customers however instead of mailing christmas cards or using direct mail where you have to pay a lot of money for printing, stamps, admin etc Xmas e cards can be a very cost effective way of sending Christmas greetings.
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