5 Chrome plug ins to help your SEO

5 Chrome plug ins to help your SEO

By Sadie on April 10, 2010

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Many browsers are developing SEO plugins to help site owners analyse their website and help it perform well in the search engines, chrome is creeping up as one of the most used browsers to view the internet and has developed some useful SEO plug ins, here are our favourites.

Internet explorer
is still the most used browser but Firefox and chrome are becoming more popular and now Google have released some helpful Chrome plug ins to help encourage users to adopt Chrome as their browser of choice. Plug ins for SEO can be really useful in seeing how well your site is performing, do you need to twealk the HTML. are your descriptions too long/ short etc and the Chrome plug ins have meant I use the browser more and more often.

Top 5 Chrome Plug Ins for SEO

Chrome SEO

This is my favourite plug in for Google Chrome and in one click can display a quick and easy page analysis, keyword research, back-link checks and even gives you recommendations. This tool is ideal for SEO newbies and combines 3 or 4 firefox plug ins in one. It is even better as it opens up a pop up window on request so you can get the information only when you need it – some firefox plug ins make the browser run slowly when it is not necessary. I have noticed the Chrome SEO plug in is updated quite regularly so hopefully it will continue to improve.

Domain Details

When doing SEO site analysis it is important to look at things like the IP address, age of the website, country the server is based and the domain whois, all of this information can be found using firefox plug ins, but not to be out done Google have released the Domain Details plug in for Chrome.

META SEO Inspector

It is important to have unique META tags, descriptions etc so having to put all of these in on a large website can be timeconsuming and easy to go off track. The Chrome META SEO Inspector can help you write META edscriptions that are a suitable length, this is also seen in the Chrome SEO plug in as well.

Analytics Helper

This tool is very simple and will detect if the Google analytics UA code is detected on the website page, this is similar to the Firefox plug-in that does the same. This is a useful tool for website owners or SEO executives, but I prefer the old school view source to check – but that is because I can evaluate the rest of the code at the same time. I can see how this tool can be useful especially in website quality assurance (QA) checks.


Last but not least this tool is another of my favourites, it lets you quickly check the position of a website for your chosen keyword. This is very useful for UK domains, but unique to it’s firefox equivalent it will also let you check the SERP’s for a other countries as well, ideal for a larger geotargeted campaign.

Since discovering these plug ins I use Chrome as a browser a lot more, but I still have firefox as default, it may not be long before Chrome becomes the developers browser of choice!