3D pavement street art

3D pavement street art

By Sadie on September 14, 2009

For anyone that hasn’t seen any 3D pavement art, you really should check it out. It normally involves some very talented artists with nothing more than a set of pastels or paints that create 3D perspective art pieces on a normal street pavement. Some arts use projectors to trace the initial outline, but they are still very talented to create the pieces that they do! I know I couldn’t do it!

For anyone that watches rugby, you may have seen a similar technique used to make advertising on rugby pitches appear as though it is ‘standing upright’. I saw some 3D pavement art on a street in Manchester a while back, and was surprised at jsut how distorted the image was when I looked at it directly. However when you find the right angle it looks great! Here are 6 examples that we thought were really good!

3d pavement art 1

3d pavement art 2

3d pavement art 3

3d pavement art 4

3d pavement art 5

3d pavement art 6