35 beautiful ecommerce website designs

35 beautiful ecommerce website designs

By Luke on January 23, 2010

Sony ecommerce website homepage

Snupped ecommerce website homepage

Smashing magazine have just retweeted a great blog post called 35 beautiful and effective ecommerce websites, which provides 35 examples of beautifully designed ecommerce websites. Critically, as well as being beautiful they still remain effective and follow simple ecommerce website guidelines. The websites they have used are quite a varied mix from t-shirt designs to laptop covers, and jewellery to wine. As a result there is a great numbr of different quality ecommerce designs that will give you inspiration for your next project. I have included screenshots of 2 of my personal favourites (above) which include the Sony shop and a site called Snupped (the site selling custom laptop covers).

The only thing I would say about the article is that the designs focus mainly on the homepage. There is quite a lot of freedom on the design of the homepage for an ecommerce site, but the inner pages listing the products are difficult to style uniquely whilst still remaining effective. Additionally some of the sites seemed to have some cross-browser compatibility issues making the site a little ‘glitchy’ but non-uncommon for sites such as these. All in all though a very good and useful post which should give you plenty of ideas and help you to consider new styles for your design.