2012 Top SEO Women Finalists

Top 2012 SEO Women Finalists

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Sadie Sherran's Twitter picture (Seobelle)Level 343 have recently created a shortlist of nominees for the top SEO women of 2012; and our very own Sadie Sherran has made it to the shortlist of the final 30! All the nominees are now open to votes from the level 343 website on the following link:

Level343: Top 2012 SEO Women Finalists

Sadie is probably best known in the SEO community as Seobelle (http://twitter.com/seobelle), and has been working fulltime at SEO Creative as the Head of Search since November 2009. Previously she has worked for several well known SEO and online marketing companies in the North West, as well as a range of high profile clients and marketing strategies. On hearing about the nomination, Sadie said:

I’m just really honoured to have been nominated. There are some top SEO chicks in there so to have made it into the top 30 with them is really exciting.

Level343 are accepting votes until the end of November 2011, but be aware that each user only gets one vote (so make it count!). If you’ve worked with Sadie or think that she really knows her stuff (and she does!), then please show your support and vote!

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  1. Gabriella Sannino

    If it was up to me not only would Sadie win but her little man (Jack) would get a free ticket to the US to party with the ladies ;) – We would consider Luke & Sadie as the added value! Happy new year and I hope your 2012 is magical!