20 of the worst website designs

20 of the worst website designs

By Sadie on

Worst website design

This is a great post that really made me chuckle – 20 of the worst designed websites. I had to take a screen shot of one of my favourites (see above). I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many gifs and popups all on one page before! Take a look at the article to see the other 19. If you own any of the websites in the list, or you can’t see what’s wrong with the designs and why we find them so amusing, then please seek web design advice immediately! :) 

Perhaps most shocking of all was the 1996 website for the CSS Zen garden. This is now a very reputable site, but I guess in 1996 the site he had produced was quite mind blowing?

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  1. Anna

    Ha ha this is so funny reminds me of mood boards I used to make at uni! Mind vomit that you stripped back for a decent design :)