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Web design & Digital marketing agency

Falkon Digital is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Manchester. Our team is made up of friendly web geeks that make awesome websites. We offer website design & development, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and many other forms of digital marketing.

We are a full service agency that works clients big and small, well known and unknown, locally and internationally. Additionally we have partnerships with many web agencies in Manchester and the whole of the UK. Our work ranges from small brochure websites, to SEO micro sites, content managed websites and e-commerce websites using platforms like WordPress and Magento.

All our websites are built with the core principles of SEO in mind, and we also take into account aspects of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) as standard to help you get the most from your website.

As a full service agency in Manchester, we also offer a whole range of other complementary services to manage all of your requirements in house.

Website Design and development

Falkon Digital have in house website designers and developers who can create a stunning website that meets your needs. Our websites are designed with the end user in mind to help them find what they need, and convert, bringing you leads, enquiries and sales. We help you build your online presence with a web design that meets the criteria and values of your brand.

Our web development team are second to none, and can anything from a simple website, to multi functional e commerce website or data collection sites. We build in PHP, with expertise in WordPress websites and Magento websites for eCommerce, we differentiate ourselves from other developers as we have an inhouse SEO consultancy team so all of our WordPress and Magento websites are built with SEO in mind so your site will not just be an out of the box website.

Digital Marketing

Falkon are creative individuals, and although we practice SEO, PPC, email marketing and other digital marketing techniques we like to make them interesting, because if we are bored by your campaign so will your target audience. We have, for years, looked at making creative SEO campaigns which include link attraction, valuable onsite content and gamification. We use your brand as the focus for any campaign and your keywords and keyword groups as a secondary focus. We believe in building trust in your brand first, then educating people in what you do, getting people excited about you and your products.

We take a keen interest in data and everything we do is backed up with data, we are adaptable and make decisions based on the data we get back. You know that working with us we will use your own expertise, our expertise in over 10 years in online marketing and hard data to adapt to what people want in the real world. We are adaptable and love our work and we would love to help you get the results you want.


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