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seo infographic - long tail keyword equation

For anybody new to SEO, infographics can be a great way of helping your understanding. Many people find the concepts so much easier to understand when they can see a diagram or picture, and the infographic above is a great example. It shows an equation for getting ranked for long tail keywords including on page optimisation (seo coding, content and keywords) plus 25 directory listings and 5 text links equals a good ranking.

This infographic has come from ELLIANCE, and it includes many more infographics including “the life of an article on the web”, “website conversion paradigms”, “types of link bait” and so much more. If you are in the SEO or online marketing industry, then I would recommend creating your infographics to take with you to client meetings. If your client is new to all things SEO, then this is a great way to help their understanding. To view more infographics, follow this link to the ELLIANCE website:  SEO Infographics

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  1. Chez

    Great post – I’m definitely going to use these infographics for my SEO sales meetings. It’s such a good way of illustrating complex SEO to clients