Manchester SEO Acclaimed Internationally

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top SEO women 2012

We have always known that SEO Manchester has the best and brightest talent in the UK but after our very own Sadie Sherran was nominated internationally as one of the top SEO women in the industry it was clear Manchester really hosts the best SEO consultants.

We posted a few months ago that our head of SEO, Sadie Sherran had been nominated as one of the top 2012 SEO women in the an international poll of 30 shortlisted. As we celebrated the new year we also celebrated the results of that poll as Sadie came top 5, number 4 in the international poll.

SEO in Manchester has some excellent SEO consultants working on projects for websites all over the UK and internationally and with a such good digital and SEO agencies as well as University support we expect more talent to move ‘oop north’ to Manchester.

It is due to the training, creativity and community in Manchester that has meant agencies keep raising the bar with their work and their staff. This growth in the industry has seen more and more Manchester SEO consultants become recognised in UK awards and awards all over the world. It is no longer an industry dominated by Silicon Valley or in the UK, London. Manchester SEO’s are here to stay and they are getting top results across the board.

To view the results of the top 2012 SEO women, pop over to Level 343′s article and see the bios of other great women in the Industry.

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