Design Apprenticeship: Week 3

By Carl on

This week saw me implementing client feedback, generating ideas for internal websites and attempting to organise my time as I was receiving more work to get on with.  Because of this, I’ve realised that I missed out on learning about and developing one key skill whilst I was studying at College/University: efficiency.

Speeding up my workflow is definitely a challenge, but I don’t think that it’s just about doing that. It’s about making informed choices and avoiding potential solutions that only lead to dead-ends. It’s about making every possible shortcut second-nature and having the best resources on hand should I need them. I’m embracing the challenge because it’s something that I was inevitably going to face, plus it’s a win-win as I desperately needed to improve my time-keeping skills anyway.

I think that I’m starting to produce better work as a result of being more focused, and I’ve learned that it’s far better to have a diverse set of things to work on. I can explore lots of relevant ideas, avoid burning out, and learn at the same time.

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